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Thursday, September 22, 2011

IPhone 5 the upcoming iPhone 4 depreciation trade in peak

A few days ago, electronic product depreciation service provider Gazelle announced that the iPhone 4 depreciation trade in recent peak, as high as 84%. According to a recent report in the apple is expected to be the next two week's time release the next generation iPhone. Familiar with apple products friends all know, once a new generation of iPhone release, before the value of the machine immediately will greatly decrease. So the market appear such circumstance is not new.In the interview, Cnet Gazelle executives Anthony Scarsella, she said that the release of the iPhone 5 time compared with previous years, during this delayed many will undoubtedly have many hype and gossip to appear. This year the customer enthusiasm, unprecedented depreciation, because users generally will at least until a new generation of products released later start to depreciation action.
He also noted that this year, iPhone 4 depreciation rates appear very strange peak, after all, a mobile phone is we need time. Those who have depreciation of the user is likely to have another cell phone, they just want to iPhone 4 depreciation before its changed hands.
The same depreciation rate up and see iPhone 5 and iPhone 4

These symptoms have part of the reason is because the media has recently reported in the apple in October 4 to the release of the next generation iPhone news. And there's news that apple in addition to release iPhone 5 besides, still can have a low-end model iPhone 4 S.

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