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Monday, October 17, 2011

Why the Kindle Fire is charming?

Kindle Fire to say the most attractive of course is the price of the Kindle Fire it, $199, than originally everyone expected still lower $50, the price is the most cheap iPad 2 price 40%, than the same is 7 "blackberry PlayBook price low price and lenovo, its many music in the United States for the Pad A1 is same, but lenovo's configuration than Kindle Fire, in the supplementary resources is still far behind, so next month the Kindle Fire listed, almost can judge in the United States is the music sales associate die Pad A1.

Kindle Fire tablet computer hardware is very good, 7 "1024 x600 resolution LCD screen looks as if it is not well, not much on market it is more rare 7 inch LCD, IPS is very wide Angle, protection and realize the LCD touch the function is famous Gorilla glass, corning, most of the metal, the Gorilla glass helpless, so you can put the Kindle Fire very optional and key items, put in the bag and don't have to be careful will be scratch.

Kindle Fire can offer 8 hours of life, even if is continuous play video, also can achieve 7.5 hours, the life ability in 7 "the model is great, but the Kindle Fire the weight of 412 grams and 11.4 mm thickness is not super-lighted, should also because of the built-in large capacity battery's sake!

From Texas instruments TI OMAP 4 dual-core processor, Kindle Fire on appear in instead didn't so important, for American users, through the Kindle Fire can obtain a lot of resources, Kindle Fire is a content consumption terminal. Amazon has 800000 department $9.99 or lower cheap e-books, which contains many popular popular books; With more than 100000 of the department of movie video, seventeen million songs; In addition to the electronic magazine, application software stores, and Internet endless resources and, of course, the last of these other people have.
To Chinese users, Kindle Fire is rare of low-cost tablet computer products, although it will be almost impossible in China, but we can still sold through the channel such as customs get, even in a heavy cost, and with the price of the Kindle Fire remains very attractive, now have from the Kindle Fire listed to still have a month time, everyone can and first tablet computer network to the Kindle Fire on with it. In the last also carry a little to the concerns of the amazon Kindle Fire, the system should be released be closed, crack don't give force, if domestic users convenience will sell at a discount greatly.

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