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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Livefan 3GNET M7 OS Review

Double system: Win7, set Android

Front we have mentioned, Livefan 3 GNET stroke by dual system is the world's first seven inches tablet computer, it has built-in Windows 7 and Android 2.2 operating system, can be in the two systems to switch between optional, office entertainment will give full consideration to, and switch to andros system, and can provide for the more long standby time, ensure the plenty of life. Intel processor in the drive, the two systems can be smooth operation.

Through the Windows 7 and Android 2.2 switching between two systems, Livefan 3 GNET M7 can not only provide users with similar laptop the operation, also can let the user experience to andros the application of the system, like we use the tablet PC android system as well.

In Windows 7 environment, Livefan 3 GNET M7 built-in Microsoft Office series software, convenient business users handling all types of documents. Among them, the use of music every 3 GNET M7 document operation, not only can like computer as separately, and also can at any time to edit, supplements, and on the computer operation office is the same as.

Thanks to Windows 7 system and the perfect combination of X86 framework, Livefan 3 GNET M7 can also provide users with more more stable expansion application, almost nonexistent not compatible. If users about the stock market, and can be installed as terror hand, great wisdom kind of software, for business users, can achieve notebook computers and the tablet PC seamless complementary.
Livefan 3 GNET M7 carrying Intel US15W chipset, equipped with Intel Atom Z530 1.6 GHz processor and Intel GMA 500 integrated graphics, can not only provide business office of the application of, also can play hd video and comprehensive functions QQ chat, operation simple small games. These applications are and what we usually use wholesale tablet PC application is same, function very comprehensive.

Subject to the limits of the hardware performance, the joy that GNET M7 run 3 large 3 D games is very hard, this as we had expected. But in other words, business users rarely get a flat to run the game, commonly used business applications can realize had to meet its needs.

On the other hand, Livefan 3 GNET M7 can really realize single user multitasking operating, MSN, office, network browsing, etc operation can simultaneously, won't be interference obstacles.

Navigation communication: built-in GPS + Mobile Partner

Livefan 3 GNET M7 built-in high sensitive GPS navigation chip, support free installation map, the user can travel at any time for navigation, and not have to worry about get lost. In addition, Livefan 3 GNET M7 support on-board charge, driving users don't have to worry about when the navigation power is not enough, this is the product of a very practical function.

All three GNET type of music is LingTu passage of random built-in the software, the use of this software, combined with GPS in navigation and positioning is very convenient. Of course the user can choose according to their own use habit other navigation software, installation and after use.

Hardware, Livefan 3 GNET M7 tablet computer Intel US15W chipset carrying, the Intel Atom Z530 processor with, 1.6 GHz frequency, integrated Intel GMA 500 graphics, with 1 GB of memory, 32 GB SSD solid-state hard drive capacity, the performance and power consumption between good balance.

Livefan 3 GNET M7 tablet computer also support the 802.11 b/g wireless protocols and support a mobile 3 g (td-scdma), telecom 3 g (CDMA2000), unicom 3 g (WCDMA) network model, support for bluetooth 2.0 and GPS navigation. In addition GNET M7 built-in music every 3 TF card expansion slots, can support TF card expansion and read.

Livefan 3 GNET M7 tablet computer equipped with a 32 GB SSD solid-state hard disk, can satisfy the basic material storage users, and to provide excellent transmission speed. Thanks to SSD solid-state hard disk, Livefan 3 GNET M7 can achieve quick start, a key standby etc is very fast and convenient operation. 
Standby later can be greatly increased standby time, and users in the use of can also through the "seconds speed start" is always wake up, very quickly.

This product design by 7 inches, the important only 550 g, compared with the traditional notebook 2 kg weight of the above it, Livefan 3 GNET M7 has achieved perfection portable. Livefan 3 GNET M7 positioning high-end business field, we see less than daily to less than one thousand yuan, many thousands of dollars in there is always a iPad, zoom and other products, it is a different location. So in the choose and buy when tablet PC products, the author suggested that you need to buy in, suitable for their own application is the best.

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