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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Supernote can let you in a lot of good tablet notes

Tablet computers have become a lot of people do notes choice, pen to write is one way, but this time we are coming to see application software. Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Slider flat firmware air to upgrade to Android 3.2.1 can get this kind of Supernote software. Officials say it will give the class notes bring a comprehensive reform.

As you can see, this application allows through an external keyboard or finger touch input. At the same time application can also touch input text convert graphics, you can have seamless modifications (zoom-in) or delete, like your typing as free as the editor. It will also according to the input speed you convert a or a group of graphics. Also it is convenient to insert the pictures or chart, the official provides a quick notes Add Annotation insert options, can let you in the lecture notes quickly call charts. Supernote also support the photos, if you take notes too late, it can be taken directly in class on the blackboard content of professor, after class to slowly understand. Of course, the premise is you have to let your teachers believe that you do in the notes, a studious students, and not playing the angry birds.If your fly touch is achieved the level, what will you do?

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