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Monday, February 27, 2012

RAMOS morning 1 G memory 9.7 "V99PRO upgrade

As a 9.7 "IPS tablet admiral blue morning V99PRO just listed, whether 1 GB memory or humanized 2 GB_ROM, also or original IPS screen all hard fine horizontal view screen display, at ten o 'clock capacitance touch, with relish for the player. Although industry first step of flat carried andros 4.0 system, but V99PRO listed on the player that needs further optimization system personalized, and listed in a few days android4.0 that publish revised operating system, thus made blue morning V99PRO comprehensive performance and can play coefficient improving, 16 GB sale 1199 yuan price close to people, also make it become the most impact 9.7 inch tablet computer.

RAMOS morning 9.7 "tablet V99PRO using 1024 * 768 resolution iPad2 IPS screen same, using the limit of up to 1.5 GHz A10 frequency control scheme. Not only realized the hd display, and realize the full view video! In addition, blue morning V99PRO also offer 2 GB_ROM, and 1 GB of DDR3 memory super capacity, is more than twice as much as the ordinary products.
2160 P hd decoding, especially for MVC-3 D video hardware decoding support, in HDMI1.4 + hd interface video output function, whether a 9.7 "screen next portable play, or output to home theater play, the effect is very shocked.
By 10 o 'clock in the morning V99PRO blue capacitive touch technology, its touch performance is five other mainstream tablet twice as much as the touch. Before and after the 200 W pixels each configuration of the camera analyzed, such as QQforpad communication software, realize the wireless network video chat and even used in wireless network business meeting, or is in QQ/micro bo/SNS software, instant shooting network transmission images can be used freely.
The upgrade android 4.0 system, not only have the more dynamic interface and also add the task notification system, muti_function stereo interface multitasking display, operating system data management system more intelligent and human nature, in some functions, such as voice search, font size installation, strengthening of GMAIL function setting, GPU acceleration rendering, more shooting mode, don't need software can be a key screenshots and so on many experience effect and fresh and practical function.

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