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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fujitsu release Stylistic M350 / CA2 android business tablet

Fujitsu is action constantly, released a few days ago the concept of plate, the machine will laptop, mobile phone, camera together, let a person finds everything new and fresh. Recently issued a main business of the tablet computer, type Stylistic M350 / CA2. This kind of tablet computer equipped with seven inches WSVGA touch screen, the resolution for 1024 x 600, built-in called "NX!" Japanese the Chinese character input method, but based on the Android system version of the tablet, input method aspects is optional sex is very extensive, in addition Stylistic M350 / CA2 weight for 420 g, battery--about 6.1 hours. Although Android version is not clear, but these machines release time has been set for the middle of this month.

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