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Monday, February 13, 2012

The original word N12 deluxe edition issued 4.0.3 firmware

The original word N12 deluxe edition is the way its the biggest selling tablet model, because the escalating improving hardware, cause N12 deluxe edition hardware version and various firmware version, the follow-up to users upgrade leads to trouble. But the good news is, the official word from now on will make universal firmware, no matter which batch which version N12 deluxe edition can upgrade the same firmware bag. The original word today released N12 luxury version of the first paragraph of universal firmware, the user through flash can upgrade to the latest Android 4.0.3 of.

N12 deluxe edition for LaoBan made in more improvement and upgrading, and strive to give consumers better use experience. N12 deluxe edition by new mould design, more light than elder N12 more thin smaller, more accord with human body engineering. Appearance and has just released the N80 similar to, is a sweeping round of and fruity fuselage line for the design ideas, more relevant to the user. And the N80, N12 deluxe edition in capacitance panel design 3 touch buttons, respectively, menu and return to the home page, three buttons to andros function would certainly become more convenient to use. N12 deluxe edition launch a 7 inch 800 X480 resolution flat capacitance five touch screen, panel material of toughened glass. And concave type capacitance than screen, tablet capacitance does not exist around the screen touch blind Angle block, the operation is the space becomes more big, fine operation more precise, five of the technology to realize more than 10 kinds of gestures can operate the way, let users control experience are more better. It is a camera was designed to lead the transverse center, more convenient for video chat. The 1 GHz N12 deluxe edition of the contents of ARM Cortex A8 processor RK2918 master and 512MB DDR3 large memory. Vivante GC800 high-performance graphics processor, can on market softening of all kinds of 3D game.

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