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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Google acquisition MOTOROLA mobile was approved by the U.S. department of justice

According to foreign media reports, Google 12.5 billion acquisition of MOTOROLA's trading will be on Monday for the U.S. justice department's approval. After the deal, Google will get more than 17000 patents.
The U.S. justice department said Monday in, to deal in patent investigation found that, to stop the other companies use the main smartphone patent technology, the patent holder more and more taking legal purchase. The justice department says, slashed continue to Google and other companies act of future monitoring.

Earlier Monday, the European commission approved the acquisition of unconditional Google MOTOROLA mobile plan. But the commission also said, the committee will to Google and its rivals for MOTOROLA mobile patent on the use of monitoring, to ensure its accord with the European Union's antitrust regulations. The European commission says, this transaction will not to the operating system and patent market caused significant change. European Union competition committee jie quinn · jose mourinho's Virginia (Joaquin Almunia) in Monday's statement said: "we have approved the takeover deal. In the cautious on the base of investigation, we decide the deal itself will not bring to the market competition problems."

Earlier, apple and Microsoft has set up a file in the world to launch Google Android by mobile phone operating system patent litigation, be they sued the company include the MOTOROLA mobile, samsung electronics and HTC electricity, etc. And Google will through the deal further expand the number of mobile phone technology patent, enhance the competitiveness of with apple.

The data shows, the deal is ten years wireless equipment industry the most large-scale acquisitions.

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