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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Android 2.3 tablet computer the original way N10 change as WIN7 tablet

Android system and the way of controlling the A8 core N10 flat can also change "Windows computer"! But how will this type of android 2.3 tablet change as "Windows computer?" That needs to use the big-name Splashtop Remote software. Splashtop Remote is a big name in the apple IOS above the Remote desktop control software, now has issued android version.
First we need to re-install the software on the computer. Want to run software, need to take the computer terminal and android are only after the installation can be performed. Open the client for installation, Chinese interface, like installation QQ mounted over can, installation is completed need to open the client. Can see set interface, the software will initially have set the wizard, and the need to enter the client password, literally setting, required for the letters and Numbers, 8 characters above, for example: qwsdcs123

Set can be set up if powered up the client, and Internet search, this is used to link computers outside, need to Google's gmail account support, general use. The third is the remote control connected on the computer, the computer's sound will be mute, sound part will be to reposition the calibration, avoid sound draw synchronization. Change of control side steps installation, the next step is to install N10 control end. Professional version of the APK, complete function! Click for the left mouse button, long press for the right mouse button, two and approach for roller and drag, double click for long press the mouse left key, drag and manipulation. Two fingers can be amplified and narrowing the N10 of the display area, click continue. Benefited from the 800 * 600 high resolution screen, N10 can almost the whole computer graphics can complete the display. Let your Win7 instantly change ARM version. N10 can vertical screen to watch, and can do computers can do things, although N10 performance can easily watch PDF document, but faster than the fastest computer or up! Test conclusion: that the N10 carrying the A8 core powerful hardware performance, through the remote desktop, can let your N10 easily become PC, you can lie in sofa, bed on the computer easy operation, when guests see your N10 as a little win7 with this, is also particularly interesting?

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