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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A10 thin plate, the S-MP98 promotion

S-MP98, is the A10 series of the flagship model, using a 8.0 inch hd screen (4:3 ratio), visual area than the 7.0-inch 16:10 flat to big 47% above, show details with price than the 7.0-inch tablet to as much as a times more. At the same time 1.5 GHz chip, high performance of 2160 P hd video, and all the 1080 PHDMI two-way output, 3 D video, front and back, 30-2 million camera etc top functional configuration, let S-MP98 become the highest cost-effective domestic flat type. In addition, ultra-thin fashionable appearance, plus the top delicate work, let 8.0 inches fuselage can also carry more relaxed.

S-MP98 frequency carrying up to 1.5 GHz strong all the nuclear chip, performance is in other the sold flat ascend above 25%; 512 MDDR3 cache, independent Mali400 display chip such top configuration; The built-in Android 2.3 intelligence operation system, fully compatible with more than 95% of the Android applications, games. 2160 P ultra all hd (3840 x 2160 resolution) video, double screen video output shows, 3 D video decoding; DVFS dynamic pressure regulating technology and SmartPMU FM intelligent power management system support, let the machine has run eight hours, more than 20 days of standby time long; Wi-Fi wireless, G-sensor gravity induction function, OTG connection, support and GBMicroSD card (TF) mass expanded stereo speakers, everything.

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