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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Excellent industrial design SONY Tablet S

SONY Tablet S (16 G/WiFi version) is SONY offering a ultra-thin Tablet, through to the appearance design, hardware configuration, network application, as well as the perfect integration across product lines, with high quality applied to enjoy. The machine is equipped with a 9.4-inch display, using Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, carrying Android3.2 operating system, with 16 GB of storage space, support wifi function, hardware configuration and system performance is bad.

SONY Tablet S (16 G/WiFi version) is bold breakthrough Tablet PC inherent figure, take the lead in using holds more comfortable, safe scroll type shape design, even
if long time one hand holds also won't feel tired. And the hardware and software system, highly integrated "quick touch" touch screen optimization and "fast browsing" browser optimization technique, it can bring you different before the carefree operation experience.

SONY 2012 TabletS (16 G/WiFi version) Tablet computer using the latest version of Android 3.2 operating system, support the system on the market of ceaseless get rid of the stale mass application. A 9.4 inch screen Tablet S 1280 x 800 resolution TruBlack "pure black" screen technology, can provide more bright-coloured colour performance and contrast, for surfing the web, ebook reading, and game and video entertainment is proper. The Nvidia Tegra 2 hardware dual-core processor, have 1 GHz main frequency, still contain memory 1 GB and 16 G fuselage storage.

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