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Monday, February 20, 2012

NP900 how to send email

Receiving server and set up outside sends choose POP3 server after we to click next, will come to this about the interface, in order to let everybody see more clearly interface, there will be NP900 set with direct from interception down pictures.
Here is my after the setting of the interface, the step in after the interface is not all there is the interface, but in the third industry "POP3 server", displays the "163 com", we need to add a little bit of, is in the "163. Com" front plus "POP", become the above the interface "POP. 163. Com", after completion, click next, enter into a interface.

In the server Settings and accept outside sends server Settings setting similar, we also need to put the first line from the original SMTP server "163 com" into "SMTP. 163. Com", then is the next step. Nothing special need of words, we here can be directly click next.
Step 4: enter your name and began to send and receive E-mail according to your needs, selective fill in your name. Fill in after, your friends and colleagues received your send messages, will see you to your name. For example, I fill in the "small B", my friend C received my email, will show E-mail from a "small B". Fill in after that we just finished Newman NP900 tablet computer bringing "email" Settings. The next is simply breezed refer to send and receive your commonly used E-mail.
After the steps above, can achieve use Newman NP900 sending and receiving e-mails. In the image above, the writing of mail interface can send E-mail.

Newman NP900 ARM Cortex A8 core carrying, 1.2 GHz frequency, with 512 MB DDR3 memory, 16 GB flash memory, 2 D / 3 D graphics performance, and support the OPENGL ES2.0 latest 3 D standards, installed the Android 2.3 operating system, to get the machine, it has installed great wisdom, mobile version of the QQ, Yozo Office, jingdong mall, happy nets, mobile phone TV, taobao, micro bo, weather forecast application, E-mail is this kind of tablet PCS a more convenient application. In the above tests, we can see NP900 use E-mail to the setting of the account before, the process though slightly more complicated, but can use web version from the user E-mail every time landing and frequent refresh troubles. At the same time, NP900 own E-mail can also updated live, avoid the user to miss important mail.

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