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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The resurrection of handwritten pen? Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 leak

Yesterday evening, Samsung official English blog (Samsung Tomorrow) KanWen invite developers to MWC 2012 held during the day the Samsung developers. This paper wrote, developers will be able to experience samsung the latest technology, including:

-S-Pen SDK, bada 2.0 SDK

-Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10.1, Wave 3, Wave Y

Galaxy Note 10.1 sounds like a 10.1 inch screen Galaxy Note handwritten tablet. The possibility of error of course there is, but there are signs the surface this is not a simple error. First is The Galaxy Note 10.1 was The Verge found, The samsung official bowen was immediately be removed, now click on The website links can see only 404 page. If just misspellings don't seem to need such "agile".

Next is the invitation list of two SDK respectiely on S-Pen handwritten Pen and bada functional mobile phone system, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 have nothing to do. The model is also under respectively support S-Pen of Galaxy Note and bada system two of Wave mobile phones.

In addition samsung also acknowledged launch the size S-Pen handwritten equipment plan. Samsung product marketing manager after Ryan Bidan in accept Laptop Magzine interviews that:

"I think that for a variety of screen size handwritten interface for all to be very reasonable, such as in (than Galaxy Note) greater size. Unless announced the new products, or that much I can say."

Handwritten pen the resurrection of the

Handwritten pen once is smart phones, a palm handheld computer with standard, even all the Treo keyboard series also bring the handwritten pen. But in the iPhone changed the mobile market the development track of the interaction, direct finger touch become mainstream. Steve jobs more pronounced: "if you see handwritten pen, and that is that they screwed up."
In addition to samsung beyond, sets the asus and HTC is for being so Android tablet to join handwritten support. But samsung more thoroughly, Galaxy Note rely on S-Pen and special software collocation, it is convenient with notes or screenshots.

And samsung Galaxy Note in investing marketing costs also far more than other competitors. Although no Android 4.0 and Nexus name, but samsung to this type of handwritten equipment propaganda is far from Galaxy Nexus can and. Samsung not only in the world and advertising is also held conference blots out the sky, from newspapers, TV to billboards and even a lot of mobile phones on the small banner application can see "Tablet Phone??" Propagate language. I remember Galaxy Note in the second day of domestic release, samsung is in many second city of shopping center is set up booths, for passers-by to provide real machine experience, that rate is not common.

But the Galaxy Note shipments in selling two months after reaching 1 million department. Although the small hand all the equipment, but considering the samsung's campaign, the result is very ordinary.

In my personal experience, it Galaxy Note in special applications, handwritten not bad, very suitable for text and graphics collocation notes. Despite initial version of serious time delay, but the software upgrade has fixed the problem.

But samsung if want to activate the handwritten equipment market, for this and iPad form difference, need to do not just a few applications that simple, the system of all interface should be optimized for pen control. Galaxy Note system was essentially added TouchWiz Android 2.3 of, most of the interface is more suitable for finger control, didn't also can effectively use 5.3 inches of a big screen. Don't know Galaxy Note 10.1 can have what qualitative change.

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