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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1 G cache + 1.5 G main frequency push a 9.7 "IPS tablet PC

In 2012, tablet computer market gradually into the heyday, the same period brand manufacturers are a lot of new products. Among them a 9.7 "IPS flat become the hot hold work nowadays users. LanChen digital after launch V99 later, its 16 G for 999 yuan of outstanding cost-effective access to extensive recognition. And LanChen issued before the launch of new V99 brother work-V99PRO, maintain the original V99 of excellent work and system advantage, to raise the overall configuration, using a 1 GB cache, 2 G can be installed APK memory and 16 G super capacity storage. In the ascent buffering capacity at the same time, the supporting system
optimization, the software support and compatibility of the performance will be more outstanding.
Blue morning 9.7 "new flat V99PRO, using the iPad as high quality IPS hard screen technology, 1024 x 768 hd resolution, quality is exquisite, the picture color is gorgeous, all that perspective. Whatever color reduction degree, color offset the correction, the response speed, 180 degrees to the visible, the dynamic and static definition, at present the highest level in the LCD panel. Especially can play video and touch control DaBing play advantage.
A10 master 1.5 G main frequency processing power, 1 GBDDR3 large cache, Mali-400 GPU accelerated graphics processor. Has greatly improved the blue V99PRO every performance in the morning. Especially for the 3 D graphics processing power is already well known is superior. Large 3 D games in all chip is compatibility is very good, all kinds of application software can perfect smooth operation.
Support the most violent of 2160 P hd decoding ability, and support the MVC-3 D video hardware decoding, hd video TV and HDMI output, compared with similar products superior multimedia playback capability. Analyzed the before and after the camera, hd pixels each reach 200 pixels before and after, whether online video chat, or is carry-on shooting, can offer the high quality images. Through the wireless 3 G, WIFI networks, with a direct implementation micro bo pictures release, and online video chat, and other functions.

In addition, 10 points capacitance touch performance is other mainstream tablet twice as many as most other flat for five touch), players can through the click, double click, translation, press, rolling and rotation and so on the different gestures to touch the screen, for 2 D / 3 D/all kinds of web page of the game more complex operation, two buttons kumite operations are currently in a tablet computer good support. Quick touch induction system, which makes the surfing the web, text input, function selection, pictures drag has provided outstanding touch performance. Blue morning V99PRO as 9.7" IPS flagship new tablet, indeed have a good comprehensive configuration.

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