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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Launch Android 2.3 Philips tablet listed this month

Tablet computer had become the most eager people understand and concern of Internet one of mobile terminal. No matter from market response or statistical data to see, rapid development momentum tablet computer will surpass smart phones, has become the most favored by consumers mobile Internet products.

As the end product, tablet PCS is that it not only arises at the historic moment the frivolous, high portability clearly the screen of visual experience brought, and manipulate the experience perfect and unified. More in it has powerful application system and rich application software, which satisfy the people for leisure, entertainment, business, consumption of all kinds of needs.

However, the perfect terminal and application is not tablet the key to success, flat is called into the "after the PC era" representatives of the product, the key of modern life but also in wireless network application of real-time meet demand. Recently, philips has revealed by the end of June to launch its 2011 key market product "GoGear Connect 7" tablet computer, it will pick up in Android 2.3
powerful application platform at the same time, more attention to product the wireless network perfect, let tablet fans also looking forward to experience "form" surfing the pleasant sensation.

First, the tablet computer of wireless network the dependence of the plate manufacturers pay more attention to product in Internet application of the performance, so the infinite network communication technology as a tablet computer listed "necessary condition" one. But wifi hotspot and not everywhere, 3 G network is already have a certain universality, but manufacturers are still will be affected by product 3 C authentication and access permission conditions of restrictions. So, flat panel manufacturers will also be more network access to the application form to the tablet computer, so philips is at the end of the month launch of the "GoGear Connect 7" will be in support of WLAN high-speed Internet access at the same time, also support the 3 G network card external, rich network application environment, will bring more convenient for the users high-speed wireless network experience.

According to understand, through the WLAN high-speed Internet access, "GoGear Connect 7" can be in the office, McDonald's, starbucks cafe, and the airport with a wireless network of place, through the wireless receiver realize free get to the Internet, meet at any time and place entertainment and business needs; And DieZhao also can see from exposure, the product has USB interface, it shows in the outdoor or no wireless network of place, one may use the 3 G network card external form the realization of online surfing, only need to choose an operator's 3 G Internet charges card, insert 3G Internet kaka slot, choose "wireless and network" option in the "mobile network" can Internet search, so as to realize the email, flights, hotel reservation, query GPS maps, restaurants, entertainment and leisure and other network Internet service, experience first 3G era high-speed convenient surf the Internet!

In addition, philips "GoGear Connect 7" in 2.3 operating system carrying two at the same time, the built-in "HiMarket" application store, with lead a camera and bluetooth function, this means that this product will bring more rich for users of the Internet and share entertainment experience, and can be online download of tens of thousands of games, and software applications, let you is everywhere "nets" accused of all things, believes "GoGear Connect 7" listed will arouse an entertainment is the apple of agitation of Internet!

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