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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

9.7 inch thin plate A9000 IPS fiber

Following the launch "right" series G1000, G6000, such as G8000 tablet, recently the author understands, mountains, and her second paragraph 9.7 inch flag IPS screen plate on the market, this kind of flat continued the "right" series of naming rules, type A9000.

A9000 walked by 9.7 "IPS screen, the resolution for 1024 * 768 pixels, support 10 capacitance touch, with fine thin as the main selling point, the thickness of 9.0 MM. For 1.5 GHZ carrying nominal all the volunteers A10 chip, Mali-400 3D graphics processors, with 1 GB DDR3 memory, 16 GB flash memory, the built-in carrying Android 2.3 operating system, before and after double camera, support wifi / 3G and Internet connection.

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