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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From the German quality KUPA X11 business tablet

Apple iPad appearance, not only brings us the tablet computer industry the great change, will also has not been lukewarm not fire X86 push up the tablet industry, in the second half of 2011, we see some Chinese tablet computer manufacturers started looking to classic X86 framework tablet computer come up, this is not only because of the low power consumption new Intel processor brought performance and power consumption of the balance between further, and at the same time, and the whole flat industry's development and progress about. ARM architecture Android tablet computer system is has the very high can play sex, but compared to our daily application Windows system tablet computer more suitable for the business to demand. So after several years flower of fire after market demand, X86 framework Windows tablet computer system again in front of our eyes, and how much to a person a kind of familiar feeling. Yes, it comes back, it is no longer the fever of the HP Slate big performance low times, it has become slim and much appearance, steady and inside collect, this is our today the leading role of evaluating-KUPA X11 tablet computer.

KUPA also by the overseas Chinese and local team to establish, in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, England, Japan, China, nearly 40 countries and regions have KUPA registered trademark. But the main market KUPA or currently concentrated in Western Europe and the U.S. and concentrate on the service for the local IT, energy, health care, finance industry users and institutions. As a advocating innovation and technology development type team, build up the world famous specialized IT brand.

Appearance: magnesium alloy the process shell

In the flat computer field to iPad, as a representative of the ARM architecture tablet computer is very thin, very modern. But for attention and sedate business people speaking, the appearance of the iPad how many seem to be some flowery. Compared with the market is not big ARM architecture differentiation tablet computer, the X86 return brought a fresh strength, also make the tablet computer industry blossom again a new vitality. Return to today's KUPA X11 up, we see the whole body is very strong business atmosphere, the dolphins ash and piano black collocation appear sedate dye-in-the-wood, with makings fastidious that also brings the noble experience feelings.

KUPA X11 tablet computer using a piece of 10.1 inches high definition LED backlit display, the resolution to reach 1366 * 768, but will look from the resolution, has reached the mainstream of 14 inches of notebook level, because KUPA X11 the whole screen area is better than the traditional notebook computer little a lot, so its resolution appear very outstanding, the entire screen is exquisite degree to be higher than that of traditional iPad tablet level. In addition, KUPA X11 equipped with screen do 100% no window guarantee, the quality is excellent.
KUPA X11 tablet computer work very much in line with the appearance of business affairs personage personality needs, and the machine in a low-key dark tonal give priority to, appear sedate is dye-in-the-wood. In addition to a 10.1 inch hd positive outside screen, this kind of tablet computer in the whole aluminium magnesium alloy material by the exterior of the reinforcement and into, this kind of material and we have seen high-end fill the car body outer covering the same kind of technology used by processing technology, not only can effectively prevent the internal components are not damaged, and at the same time to very exquisite process work sense.

KUPA X11 tablet PC measurements for the 272 x 186 x 14.8 mm, weight of 950 g, plus the common parts will be more than 1kg, the weight and ordinary tablet computer not very portable compared, but with the traditional notebook computer frequently 2 kg weight more than than convenient or many.

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