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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dolly the Dpad808

Dolly the Dpad808 is listed on a recent new tablet computer, it USES is 8 inches of design, detail design in place, and on the other side is the big red color scheme, appear very fashionable. Dolly the Dpad808 carrying Android2.3 operating system, application software is very rich. Hardware, this machine is PV210 at samsung chipset, built-in ARM Cortex-the A8 mononuclear processing core, up to 1 GHz frequency, with 512 MB RAM, run the general procedure is a problem, very smooth. Dpad808 equipped with a piece of 8 inch capacitive touch screen, the resolution for 1024 x768, biggest support 5 points touch. In addition to this product also comes with Wifi and double camera, battery capacity to a 6000 ma, did well.

Dpad808 built-in wifi wireless Internet access. Now the WIFI signal is, open a computer can free get to the Internet. Dpad808 built-in GPS system, no network 2G and 3 G network, can open the navigation, for all of us and travel a great convenience. Dolly the Dpad808 this product using the current with the screen of 8 inches, 10 inch screen than more portable, compared to seven inches screen visual effect more outstanding, and at the same time carrying 1 GHz samsung PV210 chipset, 512 M RAM configuration also mainstream, main beautiful beautiful fashionable appearance is the biggest selling point of the machine.

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