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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The California condor released "China abacus"

In my impression of have never seen Rovio's chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka through the suit.

Whether in fans gathered at the met player, or in the geek swarms of "programming marathon" (Hackathon) the activity at the site, as long as you from the crowd of suits to see a started in a red hat unlined upper garment also with even bald pate of the middle age man, you can not hesitate to tell yourself: "is he."

However, you can never be Peter chest that only childlike red confused by the bird. Rovio in internal, they called the Peter "California condor released" (Mighty Eagle). This is the last year in Rovio "angry birds" game of a hidden new role, in the world of birds have the authority and the supreme power-when players in a checkpoint met bottleneck, he can summon the California condor released aid. The sound of wind howling, a huge shadow across the sky. Together with the California condor released disappear, and full screen green pig.

Compared with the game, in real life see "California condor released" ZhenRong is relatively easy to many. Last year the man didn't come to China. In Beijing by TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Peter has acknowledged the "angry birds" has become the fortress in China was the first brand of infringement, but at the same time he was not the situation was hate to hear. He even put by local Chinese "angry birds" geek make inflatable balloon to platform, tell the hold the pike short of hundreds of science and technology reporter gun: sometimes they also from the fortress products draw inspiration.

To this, Peter joked: "we are also in the stronghold of the fortress.

Will a little-known recreational little game take mobile game field's highest peak, Peter used two years a little more of the time. Rovio's next two years will look at what areas? Game, video, derivative souvenir? Or theme park and the retail store? In Peter eyes to have too many possibilities, but at least one thing is certain: the Chinese market will be the next step in the development of the company is very important. In fact, they are ready to put the "angry birds" of the first open a retail store in China, not far more than 6000 kilometers from Helsinki.

Look at a recent "angry birds season edition" update it. This may have not native American players for the first time in this game found a they are not familiar with holiday theme-last year's a game update let them hear the Mid-Autumn festival existence, and this game is changed into the lunar China theme of the dragon.

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