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Friday, February 17, 2012

9.7 inch screen plate the IPS grace M3

2160 P / 3 D hd video decoding video large present perfectly

Thanks to strong A10 chip, the grace M3 present a has the unprecedented hd video decoding performance, support 2160 P and 1080 P support down, 720 P resolution AVI (h.264, DIVX, XVID, RM, RMVB,, MKV, WMV, MOV, MP4 (h.264, MPEG, DIVX, XVID), MPEG, MPG, FLV hd video playback, basic covers the direct current main hd video format, any download hd large without conversion format to mp3. 9.7 "screens, 1024 * 768 hd resolution, can appear more clear and fine and smooth picture, whether in the game, or video broadcast also or network browsing, ebook reading can have comfortable visual experience.

The show Dualmail-4002 D / 3D graphics acceleration processing play big 3 D games

All the volunteers of the A10 scheme has incomparable hd flat video broadcast power, at the same time in the game experience also have the good play. The M3 embedded only show grace Dualmail-4002 D / 3 D graphics acceleration processor, the CPU and GPU tasks effectively realized the biggest parallelization, support OpenGLES2.0 standard, very relaxed show luxuriant 3 D picture. Angry birds, cut watermelon, plant war such as zombies 2 D game natural isn't, and to some more challenging large 3 D game urban car, wow, warriors also is swim blade enough to spare.
DDR Ⅲ 1 G large memory more tasks run is guaranteed

With hd video and large 3 D game are increasing, the mainstream of DDR3 memory to average 512 run the program to generate data storage also will do well, but if you met some large 3 D games or hd video and multitasking, not show ambition. The grace Ⅲ 1 G M3 carrying DDR memory can effectively solve the above problem, bring more fluent, works, comfortable product experience. Equipped with 16 GB large storage, and support the 32 GB TF card space extend, can accommodate mass songs, documents, pictures, e-books, games, video, software, etc.
The camera design fashion life analyzed good assistant

Has been paying attention to the well friend found the grace M3 change before product strategy, breakthrough will rear camera also into come in, realize the lead 1.3 million pixels or analyzed 2 million pixels clear camera design. Front camera for video chat and network can record himself, with the aid of QQSkype third parties chat tools and it people video chat, 1.3 million pixels can present the clear picture, and cooperate with the built-in microphones speak face to face communication head realize. 2 million pixels rear camera realize exteriors catch fear, will you like the character and shooting down the bo got things, in space, and they share the fun of you.

9.7 inch IPS screen + android4.0 system + A10 chip + 1GB DDR3 memory, the grace M3 has the first-class hardware configuration, and in the game, video, network, display, touch was have outstanding performance. 1199 yuan price bring high performance-to-price ratio is obvious. Make the author very gratified is: tablet market competition hardware configuration of technology gradually improve make Chinese people don't need to spend in high price you can get very good performance of the flat products, and the well is one of the representative M3 products.

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