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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spatial, small size equipment can also have excellent sound quality

IPS screen, 1080 P hd movies, online video service has become a selling point of the plate, but hold flat on the bed to watch movie quite suffer mental agony-wearing headphones right, with a long time but a little uncomfortable; Don't wear headphones it, of the plate as the effect was is not satisfied.
Mobile equipment of the shortcomings of the largest in the sound is no stereo feeling. Generally two speakers spacing need to keep in 1 meter or more to get a good stereo effect. But tablet space is limited, two speakers intervals not fuselage width. Short distance around the track to voice completely mixed together, points out stereo feeling, some tablet simply provide only a single speaker.

Analog chip giant Texas instruments of Spatial technology just released for the limited space of small size equipment. The project with the national semiconductor acquisition, and through the four aspects of the equipment for size, create a better sound.

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