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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Android 2.3 the new army skyworth M6

The tablet computer hot not only attracted many mainstream PC manufacturers, but also for other industry manufacturer also bring much temptation, can regard this as the opportunity, develop a new market for many firms in thought. But some action faster well-known manufacturers now already determined began to flat also tap into to television, automobile electronic appliance product well-known skyworth is one of them.

Skyworth company before released in one breath of 6 SKYPAD, of which the main in the market SKYPAD M6 much attention, this product with 8 inch screen, and resolution for the proportion of scripture, and most 7 inch flat and 10 inch widescreen flat style different.

Hardware, equipped with red M6 core micro the latest RK2918 master, this master plan of the main control than before the performance of the 28 series more tough, and 1 GHz investigations carried the ARM Cortex A8 core, and equipped with 512 MB of memory. System in this product also support the latest Android 2.3, stability is used mostly Android 2.2 than the flat performance even more to look forward to.
Skyworth M6 the packing box of design is larger, it also and the product itself about the size of the larger. Packing box positive printing the appearance of the product, the product is indicate side of some of the features, integral blue + grey configuration is more simple, inside collect style is easier to acceptable.

Random with standard accessories include headset, charger, USB OTG line, line, specification, guarantee card, certification, etc, albeit with Micro USB interface, but this product does not support USB charging, so the charger is one of the indispensable parts. Although the machine provides another HDMI output way, but not equipped with HDMI line, so have use demand another word for wire.
After electronic says weighing, skyworth M6 airframe weight for 610 g, including power word is 732 g, to 8 inches flat products for, such weight or relatively lay particular stress on some, if long time use will be tired.

The exterior of the M6 skyworth process simple sense is admirable, this product whole use black design, whole is yakeli panel positive coverage, edge horn design is more mellow. Although overall weight is not low, but both hands hold the feeling is still good.

In the top of the positive skyworth M6 set a medal of cameras, can be used for video calls to use. The top right-hand corner of the products designed three virtual buttons are respectively to return to key, home page button and menu button, beside the button is set the power lights.

On the back of the fuselage, this kind of product used the polishing paint, hold the feel more comfortable, but also have certain friction, can effectively prevent slippery, avoid let flat fell from my hands in the process.

Skyworth M6 buttons and interface design are at the sides, one side is TF card slot, Reset button and a microphone hole, the other side is the screen lock, the power button, charger jack, 3.5 mm earphone interface, Micro-via USB and HDMI interface.
Although the interface looks a lot, but in fact these interfaces are the only, and the interface between the small spacing, when used, won't appear influence each other.

Be worth what carry is, skyworth M6 speaker also set in the fuselage of the left side, is located in the upper part, and USB interface keep a certain distance.
Because of three commonly used virtual keys are set in the upper right, so this kind of flat when use is also intended to the position of the buttons on the right hand completed, the far right of the screen also set up some virtual buttons, including the volume increase or decrease in the menu button, etc.

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