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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Android 2.3 support for music a 2012 tablet PC CTS barrier-free

Domestic famous 2012 tablet PC science and technology solutions for music on the web site of the column of formally announced the news of Android2.3 support. The whole news content rarely, only a few words, and a few screenshot, and no video.

Is the author know, there is no tablet pc on the support of the Android2.3 announced. So the author call joy for science and technology, the hope can know about the more detailed situation. Le Commerce Department of science and technology for a manager in the phone is the author of some of the suspected problems of explanation, also let the author on the tablet PC market have more understanding.

Key word: "regular"
Music into the tablet computer in the circle is well known. Dr. Experience is founder mansion before Google technical director, since 2007, is responsible for the promotion of Android in the Asia Pacific region, and leadership development the Android itself many important modules. Because these sake, joy for Android team in the circle is called the "regular".

With the "regular" first appearances by high attention, 2010, gome "fly a generation" trigger touch many disputes, then gome and launch "fly touch the second generation", and chose music as a software for the disclosing party. "Fly touch the second generation" shall not be liable to the expectations of the country, and the performance of excellence.
One of the evidence is, "fly touch the second generation" white brand machine in the qiang north is called "the most stable tablet PC." In addition, the "flying touch the second generation" white brand than other machine is also used FangWei scheme, the same surplus hardware configuration of the tablet PC out nearly yuan price, qiang north this bloody in electronic market it is a miracle.

Key words 2: confused

2.3, or 3.0, this is a problem. Believe that a lot of people and the author in the industry, Android version of the quick update to the many people struggle to complain. Like the tablet computer products, from setting up to the production, general need 3 to 6 months. And from Google released to release 2.3 Android 2.2, just the past half a year just. 2.3 after releasing just the past two months, Android3.0 and issued a formal during the Spring Festival, and tablet computer or for the design. Don't let their products to keep up with the latest Android version, the tablet computer industry chain all company question before the decision makers. With it, so do STH over and over again, not with it, also worried that can't keep up with age.

The author put this question to the cast for music, music for business manager admitted they have also been similar problems. Especially customers know joy for Android aspects strength strong, so common gives higher expectations, many are Android3.0 specified.

To this kind of circumstance, the business manager said, joy into the stability of the products to the attention of the new version of the than to follow suit. Although it has announced that Android2.3 to have support, still need about a month or more time, music to existing customers for will update to the latest version. "We will quickly version of the update, but to help customers make the stability of the products is the most important".

Key words three: CTS

Compared with Android2.2, Android2.3 improvement is not big, but to domestic engaged in the tablet computer companies, but a very key factors: CTS. The CTS's full name is the CompatibilityTestSuite. Only through the CTS all the test, can be Google recognized as compatible Android devices, flat computer to legally use GoogleMarket.

To be honest, GoogleMarket is not as successful as Apple's AppStore in domestic identities is not so high, the domestic most tablet computer also does not support GoogleMarket. This seemingly unimportant matter but involves another important question: exports. According to the author of the hand data shows, the domestic production of the tablet computer, the proportion of export and consumption is probably 2:1. That is, most of the tablet computer manufacturers customers from abroad. And foreign users very recognize CTS, especially some operators or big purchase order, CTS is mandatory requirements.

Tablet PC to the CTS Android2.2, an important index is rear camera. So, for most did not take a camera for the tablet computer, authentication became the CTS domestic tablet computer providers a very headache problem. Compared to the 2.2 version, the Android2.3 CTS has a small changes: "the mandatory requirements before and after double camera". So, even if there is no camera, also can be smoothly through the CTS the authentication, deal with foreign customers is also not exist problems. To this point, may be Android2.3 with domestic tablet computer on the real meaning of providers.

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