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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The prelude, the RAmos W6HD blockbuster listed android 4.0

The blues digital in 15 December 2011, issued a formal launch Android 4.0 industry in the first paragraph of the tablet computer system---sound yue remit W6HD, this kind of tablet computer using high scores more capacitance screen, tie-in 2 generation A9 processor and Android 4.0 operating system, 8 GB memory version, open to booking a price for the "699" yuan only. The blues have been with excellent products to the digital work design and reliable hardware quality deeply players welcome, the W6HD hardware with low price, high and lead launch Android 4.0 system put on sale, broke a lot of people's psychological price bottom line: 7 inch 1024 x 600 capacitive screen, two high score more generation A9 processor,
1080 P hd, HDMI and decoding the infrared, each configuration is very practical.
The blues sound yue remit the 7 inches RAmos W6HD preview Glare and dazzle light technology screen, colour is outstanding, the pictures connect fully and highlighted, the overall performance, that the more capacitive touch, the picture quality 7 inches compared 800 x 480 resolution has huge ascension, not seven inches 800 x 480 tablet screen image distortion in proportion, W6HD screen resolution up to 1024 x 600, PPI value as high as 170, players need not drag around the screen can see the mainstream web transverse graphic picture, 16:9 ratio of the movie or game no matter the application is very appropriate, and 7 "carry out the most appropriate size.
The blues W6HD applied the ARM Cortex 2 generation A9 processor core, with low power consumption.

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