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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A10 core flagship! Onda Vi30 deluxe edition evaluation

Onda Vi30 deluxe edition is the first launch A10 perfect 1.8 T firmware platform tablet type, new firmware into new KuaYueXing brought the performance improved: including wear red and blue glasses, achieve in a machine 3 D video directly to watch; CPU overclocking processor (up to 1.48 GHz overclocking, stable 1.15 GHz or so overclocking); Negroponte 20% lower power consumption, full beyond all the domestic tablet; The game screen free adjustment, the game can’t avoid full screen use; And 3 G network, video details and so on many depth optimization, let the user experience to raise the overall.
Using 8.0 inches high clear screen, visual area than the 7.0-inch 16:10 tablet to more than 47%. At the same time as high as 1024 x 768 screen resolution of dot matrix, when compared to the other 8.0-inch 800 x 600 resolution screen resolution to as high as 160%; Show details with price than the 7.0-inch tablet to as much as a times more. The 4:3 screen display ratio of gold, compared to 16:9 screen, in to browse the web, operating software, the game experience, watching the ebook and carry the habitual etc more comfortable.
This product and Onda Vi30 exactly the same in appearance, since called “deluxe” natural promotion place, let us look at the end it is how to become the deluxe version.
Fashionable packaging plus green bag Angle, among is the product of positive rendering, upper right is marked a new intelligent chip deluxe edition LOGO, packing on the right side of the products are all also summarized. Packing the back is gray Onda LOGO, the bottom is Onda manufacturer information.
Vi30 deluxe edition appearance and normal version identical, Onda always concise industrial design tie-in white bag box and pure white with similar iPad2 back shell of the panel appear very fashionable.
Deluxe edition also equipped with the screen in the eight inches capacitive touch screen, the resistive touch screen than the products it, capacitive touch screen has more sensitive touch perception and more touch support. Screen resolution and the normal version identical, reached 1024 x 768 resolution.
Onda Vi30 deluxe edition as the general design used after shell, the overall thickness control at 14 mm. And the overall size is also controlled in 213 mm x 156 mm, weight is about 500 g in control, this and common version of the same.
Onda Vi30 in product appearance design fluctuation full up idea, the machine in be used actually feel is a good. Colleagues after use statements is “the long time doesn’t feel tired, holding his hands clasped can also simple operation”
The Onda VI30 andros system, so in key aspects inherits the three necessary buttons result. From left to right to return to the home page, respectively, to return to previous page open menu. Through these three key, users can is very convenient in each program shuttled between.
Back for product capacity, name and some main information
The machine back relatively simple, two speakers around the machine design respectively. In actual use, whether the volume or refinement is fair. Adopt double speaker design, can maximum satisfy users each context of use. Apple IPad speaker in only a design, of actual use will always appear casual will always be block.
Onda VI30 in the corner of the screen design a 1.3 million pixel camera, the actual video after tests, the star of the 130 W pixel camera imaging effect is fair. Just how much of a little inconvenience position design, with open as if can design key in the top of the screen will be more convenient for some.
Strong A10 processor, a 1.5 GHz is the highest frequency
Mail 400 independent display chip
512 M DDR3 large cache
Android 2.3 intelligence operation system, compatible with tens of thousands of Android game/applications
Video output (HDMI) plug and play, more human double screen
Support 3 D video/game decoding
The built-in WiFi, can also be 3 G network adapter and external Ethernet card

Support gravity induction
Support Flash player, support online video, support 2160 P video play
We use the specialized test software hardware test, test results and the official figures are not significant, the main control VX610W A10 core, A10 biggest overclocking to 1.5 GHz frequency can be, when measured only 1 GHz for.
Run the data from points in x product is medium slant, but compared with other A10 products there is insufficient.
In Onda tablet products in five more touch products can be counted, Vi30 deluxe edition is one of them, five touch had to meet all needs of using the tablet.
For visible Angle test, Vi30 luxury version of the display effect can only say only suitable for alone positive view. In fact, Vi30 luxury version of the screen in normal watch, display can meet the average person to request, after all 1024 x 768 resolution screen in 8 inches of eye-catching, color reduction ability can also is satisfactory.

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