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Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 Electricity lowest price A10 tablet PC hardware configuration high performance

The memory of the A10 electricity with 1 GB of DDR3 memory super capacity than the market similar products for big a times! Whether running games, surf the web or open big file, electricity are 512 MB memory A10 contrast of the products have obvious speed advantage. High-end users can meet more demanding performance requirements. Second, electricity is currently the only A10 has MircoUSB, MiniUSB, USBHost interface (standard USB interface) three interface of the tablet computer, no OTG line then very convenient USB interface to connect different equipment.

Because 9.7 inch screen for power supply voltage IPS higher request, some manufacturers in order to save the cost, often take the battery in the series of methods to increase the voltage, bypassing the screen booster circuit. So, in the current market, 9.7 inch IPS tablet computer, except for the apple iPad, electricity A10 outside, other products are need to be configured special specification charger! (it is 9 V or 12 V charger) and A10 electricity using 5 V voltage charging, in machine need to recharge, A10 users in addition to using the original chargers charging outside, still can be connected to the computer USB charging, and charging, use MP4 charger using cell phone chargers charged, and even use digital partner, mobile power supply! And these, all is the market other 9.7 "tablet can't do!
In addition, according to the news of the electricity, electricity can be directly to upgrade to the A10 andros 4.0 system, two 4.0 operating system is at present most intelligent advanced andros system version. Andros 4.0 system has combined various platform, a new design of the UI interface, optimizing the multiple processors, improve operation speed, built-in flow control, and other advanced features, is the next generation of the tablet computer necessary system. A10 electricity excellent hardware configuration combining the two 4.0 advanced features to make you in use more handy.

The red A10 electricity core of the latest Rockchip2918 micro solution, and through the launch Neon coprocessor, 512 KB level 2 cache and GC8002D / 3 D graphics processor, speed to force, good compatibility. At present the configuration of the system is Android2.3. Electricity A10 equipped with double buy before and after camera, specifications lead 300000 pixels, respectively, or 200 W pixels. Can through QQ, SKYPE, video chat software for chat easily start, combined with the network function, can let you anywhere at any time with your family and friends in close contact. Rear camera can take photos and video applications. In addition, electricity A10 also support FLASH video and online games, online network video, play see web games are no obstacle.

A10 built-in electricity all the hardware decoding hd unit, can smooth 1080 P high-definition resolution played all h.264, VP8, RV, WMV, AVS, h. 263, MPEG4 hd video of all the format etc, and its video playing ability is more than most hd player, and supports HDMI mode hd output! Is your watch hd big good choice. In the network connection, electricity A10 support WiFi wireless network, and can be connected through a USB cable network, the 3 G ShangWangKa equipment, rich Internet connection, so you can keep online.

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