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Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 Philips tablet PC will launch Android 2.3 system

In early 2011, the only listed two years of Android operating system and had become the world's most popular smartphone platform. With the advent of "pad era", voice growing Android system not only used in smart phones, also in tablet PC market exhibition fist, it makes the Android really looking forward to the powder.

2.2, 2.3 or 3.0? Android 2.3 beckoning
In the present market condition, most mainstream manufacturer still with even lower in Android2.2 version in a certain extent, the user experience and the limit of the play computer performance. Instead, and some ahead of a tablet computer manufacturers in the latest Android version 3.0, but the market for Android 3.0 special system development program the number is less, this in some extent restrict user experience, also do not have a price advantage.
A few days ago, have super cute appearance, belong to a new version of Android 2.3 (ginger bread) came into people's eye, become a concern now is the most popular Android system and hot. Ahead of the Android 3.0 compared, specialists in Android 2.3 system turn even more, because the latter compatibility and stability are better. But according to recent philips latest tablet PC DieZhao exposure that the upcoming release of tablet computer is carrying the most promising Android 2.3.

The game support increased greatly
It is reported, philips of this tablet computer was named "GoGear Connect seven," by yu is a "entertainment interconnected, handheld agitation" of the new product. Learn that this will be a focus on entertainment and network interconnection tide of product! Carry Android2.3, GoGear Connect seven games support ability than ever to Android system has increased greatly. Such as, the new system introduces new garbage collector, and strengthen the OpenGL ES efficiency and improve 3 D operation ability, etc. With more sensors support, let more diverse more complex game gestures, dynamic operation can get perfect display, gamers can more easily experience to large 3D games and the wonderful lifelike!

Interface management more human nature
At the same time, this type of philips tablet computer of the new system will be more simplified interface, running speed upgrade, driving the use of the experience of the comprehensive surge! The new system interface background changed to black, with a high brightness icon, visual perception to upgrade again. In addition, Google for Android2.3 redesigned the directory, set the interface project location, let users easier for the operation. For example, past need to enter the system to set some "management applications", now directly in the desktop can open, more human nature and convenient.

Keyboard input intelligent quickly
In addition, to buy tablet computer and business of white-collar gens, the optimization of the screen virtual keyboard will be more attractive. Carry Android 2.3 philips GoGear Connect 7, the keyboard, the position of size have improved, and also add more touch key combination, the accuracy of text input in the ascension of the symbols of the input more than, switching speed also can be greatly increased. In addition, the virtual keyboard also strengthened the input suggest function, have even input words can at any time it is displayed input Suggestions. Although, the former Android system version has a free text selection function, but the Android 2.3 increase back to the marking of the text selection function, the user can control to change the choice before and after mark range, compared with the past more convenient.

Of course, enhanced power management and standby time, multimedia video and audio ascent, and new application management mode and download manager and so on also become the selling point of Android2.3 worth mentioning. Can be predicted, with philips in industry years of accumulation of technology and quality advantage, plus Android2.3 soaring popularity, this type of GoGear Connect 7 is likely to be this year's tablet PC market of porn a dark horse.

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