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Sunday, December 11, 2011

More stable Android 2.3 tablet will upgrade system ZhiQi popularity

From the system information look, wisdom is Ten2 already carry new Android2.3 system.
Android2.3 system UI more attention to detail the perfection of the interface. In the menu window, sliding to low-end or top, edge will appear the golden flames line; In the colour of the performance more icon choose green elements. Of course these changes is to let the system operate up faster, visual effect is good.
Through the firmware upgrade for the wisdom Ten2 still maintained the Android2.3 original ecological system. Built-in Android2.3 system of new virtual qwerty keyboard all, input at the same time can easily edit text, delete, copy and paste. Android2.3 system in text input new recognition when the cursor, more accurate positioning and modify the text. Wisdom is Ten2 sensitive capacitive screen virtual qwerty keyboard with all, realize if entities keyboard input to the general fast, switch text also became very quickly.
The new GoogleMarket client the home page, will see by a few big screen a separate section function, the convenient user in application, books, games or movies to choose between columns. What be worth to be carried particularly is one set "tablet computer-shop assistant recommend" that Android system not only covers the mobile phone users also pay attention to the user experience of tablet, continue to push users of all kinds of flat application.
Of course, in addition to Android2.3 system itself outside the update, the wisdom Ten2 still loading with intellectual reading and Shared, three wisdom think-tank trump card application, including screen adaptation, Ethernet setting, 3G dialing, and FlashPlayer11.0 etc cannot little. Android4.0 system after the publication of the source code, has quite a few manufacturers to speed up the development steps, but, monocyte could meet the main control and satisfy user of the new system ICS expect? ZhiQi tablet Ten and Ten2 would also continue to upgrade to Android4.0 system, are worth our concern.

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