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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A9 with Android 2.3 tablet prototype experience

Domestic tablet computer, A9 kernel AMLogic chip with a powerful game audio performance and low price in the market for the pro-gaze, the most famous way of blues W10, another Ten of ZhiQi with luxurious IPS screen and the price of 1899 cup with land are not yet on the market, the electricity of 8 "T770 still their lovers without notice, below this kind of flat in addition to AMLogic chip outside still with carrying the Android 2.3 system, is still a prototype stage, basic function has been improved.
Android 2.3 with Android 2.2 in the distinction is not big, the system of the fluency, memory control, and other details of improved.

Expand interface, HDMI output temporarily also can't identify, USB OTG also cannot use USB debug mode, and also support USB HOST. The system, because use is an ordinary 7 inch screen resistance, display effect and operation experience are relatively general, web page loading is fluent, support Flash 10.2 plugin. In comparison of the meta video more clear, just domestic resources is less
Again BUG and the insufficient place:

First is the game, gravity disturbance, game packets induction reading and some problems, A9 good game performance have yet to reach out, at present the basic part such as Internet, install software fewer problems, but further improve the performance of the A9, development potential, let Android 2.3 to play out processor performance that is important.

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