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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Android 2.3.5 MeiZu M9 upgrade issued new firmware

Yesterday afternoon, MeiZu official released MeiZu M9 for the firmware, the version number for: V2.0.3-9345. According to understand this version based on Android 2.3.5 development, relative V2.0.2-6883 which has nearly 30 an update. In fact a week before MeiZu also launched a 9198 version, but the firmware was soon removed, the latest version of the 9345 in 9198 revised based on the fixed gourmet coasters 14, urban car won't run 6, and part of the third party software play abnormal voice, details below.

M9 firmware (version: V2.0.3-9345) download a download two
Edition: V2.0.3-9345
Update time: 2011-11-17
Suitable model: M9
Software size: 106 M

Upgrade procedure is as follows:
1, the backup data;
2, will V2.0.3-9345 system is copied to the sd KaGen firmware directory-> shutdown-> press the power and the volume and key promotion system, pay attention to when upgrade choice clear data;
3, a success, the system automatically boot into the system (such as stays in the MEIZU, remove the battery, brush again a firmware);
4, enter the system Settings-> about, if the system version is V2.0.3-9345 shows the firmware update success.


1) 2.0.0-19020 upgrade the firmware version before must brush twice;
2) must choose clear when the upgrade system data;
3) whether system or baseband promotion process to ensure the adequate, don't pull out battery and dangerous actions;
4) backup phone data;
5) please cooperate with baseband version 02.1117.00-223 [click on the download] use;
6) Android 2.3 usb driver. Rar [click on the download]

Change records (based on: V2.0.2-6883) :

1, update to Android version 2.3.5;
2, massive optimization fluency gallery;
3, strengthening the DTS format and contain DTS audio format file support;
4, increase the mail the automatic recovery function (mail-> Settings-> the automatic recovery);
5, task manager increase "close all applications" function;
6, optimize the call in and out of the interface excessive effect;
7 and repair the GPS occasionally throw star;
8, adjust the setup open a way (desktop-> Menu key-> Settings);
9, improve fluency and desktop display quality;
10, increase the WLAN agency functions (Settings-> > menu-> WLAN-senior);
11, optimize the machine interface to unlock the lock when the fluency;
12, sound volume interface to use only the volume button regulation;
13, improve web video of the browser play user experience;
14, optimized boot speed;
15, update, "Google electronic market" and "Google translate";
16, system font replacement for robot;
17, repair cell phone positioning and SMS search heavy hair problem;
18, repair search for overdue of cell phone sim card state judgment;
19, repair online music quick click download button download dialog box problems more than pop up;
20, repair data synchronization MMS change status of the analytical failure;
21, repair software center search when external software for the software version display subtitles;
22, repair MMS change status to upload uncompressed download the problem of analytical failure;
23, repair multiple MMS to the server, packets too big, to a single upload;
24, other bug repairs;
25, part of the application UI to adjust;
26, modify, gourmet coasters 14, urban car won't run on 6;
27, modify, part of the third party software play abnormal voice.

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