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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pig chase a iPad game for real piggy

The European Union has animal protection laws and regulations, in order to let the captive breeding pig keep a happy mood, we must provide for the pig "toy" diversion (how good the treatment ah)! So for the pig pig farm must prepare some plastic toys, but
Continue with the video...Continue with the video...Continue with the video...Continue with the video...because the study found that the pig have higher wisdom, like plastic toys this low IQ toys, can't meet the demand of diversion to pigs. And so the Dutch university of animal research scientists, come up with development a iPad games, to enhance the joy of pigs. Continue with the video...

Because pigs will shine objects of interest in the name of the game in Pig Chase, is in the iPad screen a swimming shine circle, iPad will be installed in the walls of the sows after, the Pig will cheerfully to use nose arch these aura. Have iPad game company, believe that these pigs of life, get rich and colorful many!

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