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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early time Google introduced a new version of the official operating system

Android 2.3, code Gingerbread (ginger bread). The new system of the system interface is improved, and add the NFC close communication and other new features.
After many news reality in 2010 will Google on December 6, release Android 2.3 system and eventually expected to become the facts. Google in its Android developers very low-key start to provide web site developers kit system Android 2.3 SDK download, also release the Android 2.3 system's main users upgrade and platform development function performance upgrades.

One of the concerns of users is to use the new features, including:
A, more simple, easy to use, efficient, and effective interface
The new interface overall based on Android 2.2, but on the system icon, menu has been adjusted, according to Google's statement is more easy to learn, users faster to use and more province electricity.

The obvious an improvement is the icon of the status bar, and the menu bar have one more program management.
Second, faster, and more intuitive text input
Android 2.3 in text input in improvement, in order to improve the input speed. First improved the virtual keyboard, the color of the button was done adjust, more easy to identify. Enhance the input lenovo function.
Digital input can need not switching keyboard, through the key combination to input.
Third, the improvement of the copy and paste function
Before Android system have text copy function, but not very easy to operate the way, this be the improvement. Long press will jump out of range text shifter lever.
Four, improvement of the power management
Android 2.3 power reality more detailed information state, in addition to the project before, now can even reality a program of power consumption.
Five, program management improvement
Through the make the program management more convenient to help energy saving, in the main interface click menu button can quickly into the program management.
Six, new communication method improvement
This includes several different improvement, first is Internet phone (Internet Calling), the function can give contact to add a SIP contact account, and can be quick start Calling. But the function need hardware manufacturers and local operators that support services.
The second is a short distance communication function (NFC), Google mean can let Android 2.3 system of intelligent mobile phones to read information label, quickly get information or url, can also be used to charge close pay a function. This function also need the support of the hardware manufacturers, and need to have used such function of the environment.
Seven, before and after pictures support camera
Finally, Android 2.3 and a new function is to support the use of double camera equipment, in taking pictures interface can choose to lead a camera or is rear camera.
It is Android 2.3 upgrade functions of the system. In addition to developers in the apis interface also have many upgrades. For example, Android 2.3 for developers API support the gyroscope, rotation vector, linear speed. All in all, it's on the game, multimedia and communication function these three more open API, future Android Market of the program will be more rich variety, Android smart phones will also give users more novel function.

By the time of the author, still no cell phones received Google Android 2.3 upgrade delivery information system, believe that soon to Nexus One, as a representative of the Google special development by machine to receive OTA upgrade delivery service, the first time use to Android 2.3 system.

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