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Friday, December 16, 2011

November new mobile phone, is that means the 2012 tablet PC admires: "big" weapon display screen

Timing and to enter into the end of 2011 step in the 2012 tablet PC market, smartphone battle still played hot, in November, will be a big screen mobile phone battle, SAMSUNG GALAXY Note for mobile notebook appearance step into the market, will set out the second paragraph HTC phone beats Audio Sensation XL, and mango, new TITAN, has a 4.5 "screen above the oversized, let the phone product and entered the new realm.

The two paragraphs Sensation XL's beats audio mobile phones
HTC and Beats Electronics LLC in a strategy alliance and investment after which the launch of the special edition Sensation XE later, in praise of constantly under, and released a new paragraph Sensation XL, will be listed in the November launch, especially this one in the mobile phone has a 4.7 "big screen, is also a new design of the first cell phone Beats audio, is unfortunately hardware with only 1.5 GHz single core processor, it shows the HTC didn't positioning for Sensation XL's flagship strong machine at the end of the year.

Another Sensation XL is also urBeats with a headset, can use wire control function answer call, end the call, control music, but also in the mobile phone integration and opening of urBeats personal database function; Most notably, in a particular region is Sensation XE may be introduced to sell Beats Solo earphones set limit to version, will there be surprise in Taiwan announced launch, and price of the phone is the focus of attention.

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