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Thursday, December 29, 2011

No problem!Four core processor hd image video

Tegra 2 processor that the biggest problem in cannot use hardware acceleration, hd video processor broadcasts when the occupancy rate will be high, although a lot of mobile phones and tablet computer are introduced a 1080 P decoding technology, but through the CPU to decode greatly increases the battery consumption. Nowadays Tegra3 processors have completely solved the problem, now of the tablet computer has supported hardware acceleration technology can through the CPU to handle 1080 P, H264 video high standard.

By playing 1080 P hd movies we discover, this paragraph of EeePad TF201 tablet computer can be very fluent play hd video and film, without any pauses or card signs. And in the play hd video processor when the occupancy rate and not reached 100%.

Through the test can see it in carrying Tegra3 processor asus EeePad TF201 tablet computer can smoothly play 1080 P blu-ray movies, whether the blu-ray disc suppress the movie or direct download on the net of high-definition movie. For the like watching foreign movies or TV series the friend that still need to install a good third party software to support the movie subtitles.

Full hd camera 12 million pixels
In the last test the tablet computer, although there are a lot of camera products was very impressive, but this kind of EeePad TF201 out photos taken effect is I now seen slab of one of the best in the product.

Asus EeePad TF201 tablet computer before launch after 8 million pixels 12 million pixels double camera. Although we didn't spend too much time to research this kind of tablet PC camera parameters, but the pictures taken from the previous effect and a boost. This tablet PC or camera to film the resolution for the 3264 x2448 pixel JPG photos, about the size of 2.4 MB/each. Two pieces of tear sheets interval before and after about 10 seconds or so (pet won't like model has remained the same one position), another of the EeePad TF201 rear camera also support 1080 P video shooting.

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