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Monday, December 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy robot the story behind

Samsung to trumpet its Galaxy in Christmas series products and entrust Japan made a robot RT company. The idea of the publicity they plan is this:

In the Christmas period rented a large venues, decorate a gathering place for leisure, named Galaxy Xmas Cafe (Galaxy coffee shop). Inside in the house will show different Galaxy products, including smartphones and tablet computer. Plus music and environment rendering, sets up high-end brand image. Here is the core of project called show Galaxy Xmas hugs robots.

Galaxy Xmas hugs the main use of two electronic equipment:

It's head is a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer
It is the heart of a Galaxy S II LTE smart phones
Robot can achieve some simple exchange action (shaking hands, drink coffee), and even some dance moves. In its around three cameras used to capture the scene and character. RT company is the creator of the Mr Nakagawa couple (Mr. And Mrs. Nakagawa), Mr. He made a lot of hand of robot, their prototype RIC is a driven by Android system "etc. Body" robot, custom system called "RIC Android". In the appropriate improvement after, RIC for many businessmen marketing work, and it is also in Google developers to be displayed in the party.
The Galaxy Tab, he said that a 1.5 GHz processor is very nice, it's performance greatly beyond the humanoid robot action control hardware requirements. Prior to migrate to the code Galaxy equipment, only need to make trace adjustment can run.

And he is the trend of the future Mrs. That is the combination of cloud computing with robots. Intelligent robot can carry more and more sensors, and then the data through the wireless technology back to the air. Developers can clouds in the analysis and commissioning, the cooperation of different team is very favorable.

Now, Samsung special has opened up a separate pages to display Galaxy Xmas hugs robot, let everybody can not only see the assembly and debugging, still can see the real time status to the gallery.

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