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Thursday, August 15, 2013

There are supposed to be Multimode-purpose SFP BiDi available

In our lab we still had the cascadable OM2 Multimode fibres to hand, which were specifically put together by us to test 10G with old multimode fibres.  The nice thing about these fibres is that they reach far and wide and the fact that they are already deployed  in the field.  In addition, they allow various distances to be created, starting from 80m right up to 1920m with the benefit of being able to patch together different distances in one go. At one end of the stretch we deployed a http://www.fiberyes.com/sfp-bidi 1G Bit-Error-Rate Tester with a TX 1310nm/RX 1550nm 1G BIDI.  At the other end, we placed a TX 1550nm/ RX1310nm 1G SFP BiDi inside our flexbox loop.During Nov., 2010, any Shenzhen Sopto Systems Co., Ltd. from a technical perspective revealed during 10. 3125G together with 9. 953G SFP BiDi optical transceiver module meant for 10GBASE-BX, together with complies when using the IEEE 802. 3ae world principles. Any SFP BiDi optical transceiver module help support several numerous Loopback form: SFP BiDi optical transceiver module loopback form together with path loopback, giving you more effective provider together with help support to your product registers.

BERT generated a 1G Ethernet Signal, the BIDI transceiver coupled it to multimode link  with 1310nm and carried it to the other SFP BiDi . Then, the incoming signal inside the flexBox loop was sent to the transmitter of the same BIDI and in turn, was sent through the same fibres with 1550nm back to BERT.  This allowed us to analyse if the sent Bit Pattern corresponded to that of the received one.  This worked well up to a distance of 320m.  Over larger distances we ended up with bit failure rates.

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