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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the individual OM2 Simplex Patch Cord will be included in each bag

Today 1Gb/s-ready backbone solutions would be the norm and provide 10x speed capability at almost cost parity of 100 Mb/s LED-based systems.10gb OM2 Simplex Patch Cord has a significantly higher bandwidth advantage for extended reach 1 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s applications that most customers will use today or in the long run, while preserving the reduced system cost advantages of multimode fiber.Duplex fiber cables consist of two fiber cores and can be either multimode or singlemode. This dual core system allows for the bi-directional transfer of data, as opposed to OM2 Simplex Patch Cord, which typically only propagate data in one direction. The exception being Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) systems in which bidirectional communication is acheived over singlemode simplex fiber using multiple wavelengths.All of this,

coupled with the fact that greatly improved cabling materials and procedures make 50um fiber cable-friendly, is driving the migration to OM2 Simplex Patch Cord because the multimode fiber of choice in LANs, SANs, data center interconnects and, now,S1LLM1FISP Access applications. Because of these factors, the Fiber Optics LAN Section recommends that for new installations, customers install OM3 fiber. Each jumper cable is constructed of the finest components and shipped in individually sealed bags to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Test results for the individual OM2 Simplex Patch Cord will be included in each bag. Color coded connectors assist with identification during the installation process to make installation easy for anyone.

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