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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the country is OS1 Simplex Patch Cord device conversion

Fiber Optic Pigtail is a kind of very special in the fiber optic jumper cables. Only one end connected to the head, and the other end is a piece of broken ends of optical fiber core, through welding and other optical fiber core is linked together. Mostly appear in optical terminal box, used to connect optical cable and optical fiber transceiver (also used between coupler, jump line, etc.). Divided into multimode fiber and single mode fiber. The OS1 Simplex Patch Cord Pigtail is a typically Multimode fiber optic pigtail, with wavelength of 850 nm.multimode fiber and single mode fiber difference, mainly in the transmission of light in different ways, of course, are not the same bandwidth capacity. Larger diameter multimode fiber, different wavelengths and phase of the beam reflected along the fiber wall kept forward transmission, resulting in dispersion, limits the transmission between the two repeaters distance and bandwidth, the bandwidth of multimode fiber is about 2.5Gbps. Smaller diameter single-mode fiber, the light in which the straight lines, very few reflections
so the dispersion decreases, bandwidth increases, the transmission distance has also been extended. However, accompanying the light-side equipment prices higher than the bandwidth of single-mode OS1 Simplex Patch Cord. Multimode fiber by a high pulse signal extension mode (dispersion) of relatively large, while the single-mode fiber between a good model to solve the problem of dispersion. SMF CORE 8.3-9.3 um. MFD usually 9.3um

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