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Friday, August 9, 2013

QSFP Active Copper Cable are copper cables for data transmission

Fiberon’s QSFP Active Copper Cable assemblies are a low cost alternative for short reach 4X applications. They are designed to be fully compatible in form factor and optical/electrical connections according to the QSFP Active Copper Cable Source Agreement QSFP+ (Quad SFP+) connectors provide four channels of data in one pluggable interface. Each channel is capable of transferring data at 10Gbps and supports a total of aggregate 40Gbps as specified for QSFP Active Copper Cable. These interconnects have three times the density of SFP+ interconnects(MSA) and have been designed to meet the harshest external operating conditions including temperature, humidity and EMI interference QSFP Active Copper Cable play an important role in enterprise and storage applications due to the confined space and air-flow requirements in data centers and long reaches (up to 30 meters) required to make some of the rack-to-rack connections. Because active cables can facilitate thin cable gauges, a tighter bend radius results, which can give cables in these applications better routability and improved airflow.Sopto unique quality passive water piping cable solutions provide power-efficient replacement for active power connection such as fiber optic cables. Optimizing systems to operate with Mellanox’s QSFP Active Copper Cable significantly reduce power consumption. Rigorous cable production testing ensures best out-of-the-box installation experience, performance and durability

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