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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MiniSAS SFF-8088 Cables maximize SAS drive and storage array performance

E800 MS comes with highly reliable, high speed MiniSAS SFF-8088 connector that combines eight (8) low-cost SATA or highly reliable SAS disks for high …The EnhanceBOX E800 MS is built on the latest I/O technology, the Mini-SAS (MS) connectivity, for multiple-disk configurations and excellent bandwidth (up to 1,200 MBPs). The EnhanceBox Amphenol External 26-pin Mini-SAS to MiniSAS SFF-8088 Cables maximize SAS drive and storage array performance with SKEWCLEAR cable technology. Spectra-Strip SKEWCLEAR shielded parallel-pair wire guarantees sustained data-rates up to 6.0 Gbps per lane, reduced signal loss and improved cross-talk performance.

 This 4x Mini-SAS cable features universal keyed 26-pin SFF-8088 pull to release connectors. The lanyard disconnect pull-to-release connector is compatible with all MiniSAS SFF-8088 ports. Thinner and more flexible than competing SAS products, our cables offer convenient routing options and improved airflow for your datacenter This allows the user to mix more expensive, lower-capacity SAS drives for applications that require faster data access and higher reliability, with lower-cost, higher-capacity SATA drives for applications with lower access speed requirements. Monoprice carries a full line of quality MiniSAS SFF-8088 with connectors for every possible application, both internal and external.

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