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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Car Electronics into the intelligent era

■ new and old products competing against
According to the press statistics, this exhibition from more than 300 domestic and foreign car navigation, car audio companies, carrying the old and new exhibitors, exhibits the total up to 40091, the new number 1415 on behalf of the enterprise for the iron generals, Huayang Europe and China, Covey, Edifier, Chang Lu, conquerors, snow Wright, the speed of America Principal.
Shenzhen City Road, Chang Technology Co., Ltd. has brought its three flagship product, Chang An, Chang, LC exhibitors. According to reports, the company's several products, mainly used in the Mercedes-Benz GLK300 Mercedes-Benz A180, BMW 523Li, Toyota Highlander and other models.
As the domestic audio market leading enterprises, the Cruiser in the show issued a non-destructive facelift car audio, widely inside and outside the industry concern. According to reports, the Edifier original concept of "lossless facelift, independent from the mode of the speaker unit, do exactly the same unit aperture specifications with the original car, to avoid the trouble of punching him in the car, truly on-demand.
This exhibition, the iron generals to bring the new proposal of car electronics security, tachograph, tire pressure monitoring and alarm, parking sensor, car alarm products. The reporter noted that in the booth of Rail General Rail General automotive electronics exhibition theme: the new proposal of car electronic security. This theme reflects the iron generals of traffic safety and other aspects of system solutions.
■ tachograph touted
In car electronics museum, the reporter saw the most scenes, is a group of consumers around the booth next to tachograph, asked in detail about the product performance and price. From the exhibitors and the degree of concern tachograph occupy an important position in the automotive after market.
The reporters found that show a variety of tachograph according to the models and functions can be divided into: HD tachograph, mini traffic recorder, night vision tachograph, wide-angle tachograph tachograph dual lens , MFP, and so on, the screen size is covered by 1.5 inches to 7 inches.
Holy Stone International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Tsang Tak Keung told reporters that the tachograph is equivalent to the black box of the car, vehicles en route video and audio can be fully documented to provide evidence, when the unexpected happens, immediately, to protect owners interests. "I went to the end of the Abee Dict power of attorney on the mainland. Install the product, the internal sensors can set the sensitivity of the impact, when the external impact force greater than the set value, leading to the impact of field data will be recorded to provide evidence for the traffic accident. "Mr Tsang Tak-keung said.
The audience, said safety spring League show main purpose is to Taobao to buy cost-effective product use. He told reporters: "If every car install tachograph, drivers hesitant to illegal driving, the accident rate dropped significantly, the vehicle will be the tachograph filmed at the same time that a court in cases of road traffic accidents in sentencing and compensation will be more accurate and evidence-based, also provide evidence to the insurance company's claims. "

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