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Friday, May 18, 2012

Smart watch cell phone is put on

The SmartWatch watch cell phone produced by Sony 1.3-inch screen, much like at first glance and the sixth generation of Apple's iPod nano. Dial outer aluminum material, bring the clip fixed in the table, the clip on the back of the four metal contacts, is used to charge. The SmartWatch using the OLED screen with a resolution of 128 × 128, can display 65,000 colors, the display is very bright, two-finger multitouch gestures touch operation in the operation.

The SmartWatch with Bluetooth technology with the Android phone connection, and since SmartWatch synchronization remind the message of the email, or facebook, twitter and other social networking phone, or view the phone call records. In addition, the SmartWatch there to play music and view the weather forecast and more. However, after testing, the SmartWatch support applications the number is very limited, more than 40 applications pre-installed application, only the Events the widget to other applications, the message is displayed on the screen, the operating experience from the point of view, the application to use them more complicated.

Although Sony's official website has listed the the SmartWatch support Android phone, but according to feedback, SmartWatch Sony Ericsson (now Sony), phone support, while other manufacturers of mobile phones will be a problem.

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