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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

iPad3 protection sleeve CUCA produced

Protected class fashion the brand CUCA consistent focus on new product development, recently pushed a variety of iPad3 cases protective sleeve, each one without exception, and iPad3 cases perfect fusion of rich colors and a good feel, can be described as art and practical perfect.
Imported microfiber fabric fine production and environmental protection PC material CUCAiPad3 protection, ultra-thin personal care machines; the same time, the innovative three-stall design allows iPad3360 degree arbitrary rotation satisfy the most variety of visual needs; Entertainment Internetor work, can be arbitrary.

CUCAiPad3 protective sleeve for the tone in a concise, full touch, independent design, does not affect any key operation, synchronization, charging, can be applied with ease of tuning, camera, headset, etc.; and the magnetic induction through the leather above the opening and closing supportmachine sleep suspend / resume power saving features; surface texture is comfortable, stylish, non-slip waterproof, protect our love machine.

CUCA as a fashion brand, the most emphasis on the spirit level exchanges with consumers, the launch of a variety of iPad3 cases protective sleeve, highlighting its rich spiritual connotation. The CUCA brand for iPad3 cases able to develop such a dazzling array of products, also prove the CUCA of leadership position in the industry. 

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