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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To can with iPhone4S with smart watch Pebble

The Kickstarter brought us a magical the product iPhone4S smart watch cell phone the Pebble. Pebble can be used in conjunction with Bluetooth and iPhone4S or Andrews phone, but with your iPhone there are unread messages, missed calls, e-mail, calendar reminders, social networking information, the Pebble vibration in order to alert the user. Pebble or a small waterproof watch, you can take him swimming, but not diving.

Pebble in Kickstarter website want to get $ 100,000 of funding, but now has more than four million U.S. dollars of contributions can be seen from this point on Pebble's popularity. The user can still Kickstarter site donated $ 115 to get a Pebble watch, black, white and red three options. Pebble is a smart watch, developers can download the software development kit to develop other applications for Pebble.

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