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Monday, May 14, 2012

Car to travel with a "steak" iPad3 case protective sleeve

iPad and notebook computers have better mobility and longer standby time compared with the iPhone compared to larger, higher resolution screen, able to bring a more pleasant reading, games and video experience is one of the mosta mobile device suitable for use in long-distance bus travel. However, the iPad fixed in the car is a problem GGMM / Cyangugu launched by the United States and the United States a vehicle iPad3 of protective cover, added an elastic webbing in the back of the protective sleeve, making iPad3 case can easily bind in the front car seat chair.

This protective sleeve surface is made ​​from polyurethane, the same green, blue, five of the Smart Cover materials, PU leather, domestic call. PU leather surface detail and smoothness of the leather close to, but softer than leather, making the feel of this protection is quite good.

the loaded iPad3 case, thickness, volume is similar to a paper notebook. After measurement, the actual thickness of 15.76mm, and iPad3 case thickness of 9.4mm, 6.36mm thickness of this protective sleeve iPad3 case. 
The inside front cover, soft and fine microfiber, this the Smart Cover screen clean, In addition to this protection also use the smart magnetic sensor technology, open the front cover, iPad3 case will be awakened.after closing the iPad3 case will automatically enter sleep mode. 

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