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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The meta Watch will officially launch the iOS version of the smart watch phone

Also remember Meta Watch Smart Watch cell phone? By watchmaker Fossil launched the Android-specific "smart watches" Meta Watch this, through the Bluetooth connection with the Android phone calls, text messaging, social networking and information display screen of the watch embedded, and by the vibration alert the user, without pockets of the mobile phone to quickly browse information. More attractive, it also has its own development platform, application developers richer application to watches and mobile applications to interact via the platform.

This previously only watch for the Android platform, it is in today's Meta Watch official announced this month will be officially launched for iOS interface interaction smartwatch "smart watches" platform. At this point, the Meta Watch watches the perfect realization of cross-platform! It is reported that it will also be the equipment of similar products using low-power Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Watch of the new platform will allow the user to set the simultaneous display of the watch on the screen prompts content through the iOS app. Apart from the basic calls, SMS reminders, there are weather information. The cooler is that developers can also access the API to allow more applications to support synchronous devices.

Meta Watch watches the screen is a 96 × 96 pixel LCD display, this month can be sent to the hands of developers. $ 199.

When it comes to smart watches, launched by the Italian technology company, Blue Sky Design Android system I'm Watch line of watches. As well as the expensive price of the E-paper watch the Pebble (Android and iOS), but its up to 10,266,845 dollars really be prohibitive. Of course, it is indispensable Apple's official Nano coupled with the LunaTik strap.

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