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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Operation and use of mirrors and interior rear-view mirror adjustment

The car side mirror is a specular reflection principle objects of the car Security rear reflector to the cab driver's field of vision, thus avoiding the accident. The plane mirror side mirror is divided into about two convex mirror, and one is located in the cab, were installed in the vehicle outside the left and right sides and the middle of the car internal. Allows the driver to the driver's seat chair learned that the best of the situation in the car outside the rear of the specular reflection. Mazda6 car car mirror on the basis of the above basic functions also have the function of the electric control mirrors, electric folding bike mirror and manually folding bicycle mirror. Driver's side of the wide-angle lens for the flagship version of the Mazda6 2.3L vehicles also installed in the driver's side mirror defroster, and a waterproof function.

  The driver's side wide-angle lens on the surface of the wide-angle lens, there are two curvature, which are the dividing line is divided into two regions of the lateral and medial. The inner area is a standard convex lateral region in the same field of vision to a wider range of visibility. This device can better ensure safety when changing lanes. Waterproof mirror waterproof coatings cause water to form droplets attached to the mirror and soon disappeared. Also help prevent sludge, grease and other foreign matter attached to the mirror coating, which makes the car mirror defogging and defrosting easier.

  Operation and use of the exterior mirrors

An electric control mirrors the operation and use

(1) the ignition switch ACC or ON (open) position.

(2) Press the left or right of the driver's side selector switch to choose left or right side of the mirror positioning.

(3) in the tilt direction and get off the mirror switch. Adjust the mirror, through the selector switch is in the middle and lock control.

2, an electric folding bike mirror operation and use of

The ignition switch must be located in the ACC or ON position. If you want a folding bike mirror, as shown in position, press the folding switch. If you want to mirror recovery needed to driving position, the folding switch is pressed again.

, Operation and use of manually folding bicycle mirror

The exterior mirrors to the body direction of folding, until paste it leaning against the car body.

4, mirror defroster operation and use (for the flagship version of the Mazda6 2.3L):

If you want to open a window defroster, turn the ignition switch to ON (open) position,

And as shown press the rear window defroster switch, open the rear window defroster. Rear window defroster for 15 minutes or so, and will automatically turn off. The course of their work, the indicator lights. If you want to shut down 15 minutes before the end of the rear window defroster, press the switch again.

5, when the engine stops running to operate the exterior mirrors (for the Mazda6 2.3L flagship version):

Ignition switch from the ON (open) position rotated to the LOCK (lock) all doors are closed after about 40 seconds, can be operated exterior mirrors. If any one door is open, the exterior mirror is inoperable.

Second, the adjustment of the interior rear-view mirror:

An interior mirror adjustment: Before driving a car, the interior rearview mirror adjustment to the rear window panoramic view of Central.

2, to reduce the reflective glare from trailing vehicle headlamps

Driving a car during the day, the adjustment lever forward. Driving at night when the adjustment lever is pulled back, thereby reducing the reflection of headlight glare from trailing vehicle. This is also the so-called anti-glare feature.

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