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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Newsmy G27 navigation and entertainment Flying

Experts predict that the implantation of the GPS functionality will become the mainstream of a sense of innovation in the flat in 2012. Domestic brands Newsmy relevant responsible person said, Recently, the company's large amount of money to build both a navigation capabilities of the Tablet PC, a product that is different from the other camp, brothers, beginning with the G word from the name to see its navigation and positioning function.

Subsequently, Newsmy announced that the tablet will be named Newsmy G27, in many Tablet PC brands, Newsmy Tablet PC to the advantages of cost-effective occupy a large market share, but this Newsmy G27 Tablet PCGPS navigation and entertaining, can be described as the perfect companion for travel, and experts predict that Newsmy G27 is a cost-effective Tablet PC, and that it is the cheapest tablet PC in the professional field.
In the navigation function, Newsmy G27 built-in GPS navigation chip professional support Kay Rucker, round after round, travelers and other satellite navigation software, to achieve a more stable signal reception, the more rapid star search speed and more accurate and detailed positioning, guiding navigation becomes arbitrary, and give users a better navigation experience, display, clear, clear, for example, you can clearly see on the map scaling buildings, neighborhoods, rivers and other prominent architectural identity , intuitive three-dimensional, so that the unfamiliar becomes familiar, you travel travel indispensable accoutrements.

Entertainment, Newsmy G27 equipped with Andrews 2.3, the follow-up can also be upgraded to Andrews 4.0, Andrews Class of thousands of games can easily cope with. Andrews system with GPS navigation capabilities, so that you can achieve wealth of location-based services can also be derived from fresh play, 7 inches wide viewing angle display, clear picture quality, exquisite, built-in 1.5GHz surging power, high-performance ARM Cortex A8 core, 512MB storage capacity, a new generation of high-performance DDR3 memory, supports both WIFI module and 3G two kinds of mobile Internet, surf the Internet the New World.
Newsmy G27 not only has GPS navigation capabilities, while supporting the FM transmitter, flat panel with radio function, all the equipment can be realized music wireless connectivity, and entertainment resources we enjoy. Newsmy G27 as a new force in the Tablet PC, the future of impressive GPS navigation for the tablet is tantamount to an alternative, but it gave the practicality of the Tablet PC into a strong power, will inevitably lead to people rethink and navigation equipment positioning.

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