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Monday, April 23, 2012

Cool meager wins heart! Newsmy A1

Meager Newsmy recently the latest of a thin flat-panel, A1 is thinnest at only 8.6mm, silver-white appearance is extremely elegant, aluminum alloy material, screen, equipped with a capacitive screen of 9.7 inches second-generation IPS wide viewing angle, better color reproductionmore new high-end high-performance ARM Cortex - A8 processor, the operating frequency up to 1.2GHz.Interested friends can look at.

Meager A1 - A8 processor with a new high-end high-performance ARM Cortex operating frequency up to 1.2GHz, equipped with the Vivante GC800 high performance GPU, 1GB large capacity DDR3 memory, a sensitive reaction speed, to bring you a cool new experience. Support 1080P Full HD video playback, without conversion, to live worry-free. Built-in high-performance polymer battery with intelligent power management system, energy-smart, green, with a 10 hours long usage time.
Newsmy A1 built-in WIFI, and full support for 3G USB dongle, and enjoy high-speed Internet surfing anytime, anywhere, to bring you a different Internet experience; pre-installed QQ for Pad chat QQ, browse QQ space are all in the hands!Sina microblogging issued at any time, instant messaging Walkman line, so that distance is no longer far away; perfect support for FLASH 11.0 WebM VP8 to decode more web browsing on mcbub Mall and other major shopping sites is also very convenient.

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