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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spike cost NewsmyT9

Newman T9 is listed at the end of the last in 2011 a tablet PC, fame is not the Apple Tablet PC, but also have very high so popular. The avant-garde the Newman T9 to work fine shape, take the 8-inch screen visual has a strong impact. Current price of 799 yuan to pay more attention to interested friends.

Appearance, Newsmy T9 Tablet PC mirror key structural design, the positive edge of the screen a circle with a black border, it is very beautiful. The back of the product with the classic light design, not only beautiful, can also play a protective role in preventing the product from the hands out of.
Performance, Newsmy T9 Tablet PC using the Cortex-A8 single-core 800MHz processor, 512MB DDR3 memory, 8-inch five-point touch capacitive screen, resolution up to 800 × 600, preloaded Android2.3 system to support thousands of Andrews systems software and games. The overall performance is very impressive.

The Newsmy T9 Tablet PC computers using a single camera design, the camera was designed in the top position of the left side of the screen. Camera pixels up to 2 million, with the product can support all major shooting and video software, perfect video conferencing and chat, to fully meet the needs of users.

The newsmy T9 tablet PC to provide users with the power increase or decrease in volume, back, menu and other commonly used physical buttons. All buttons are designed on the edge of the right of the product above the ease of use. This design is mainly on account of users brush system and the needs of the blind operation.

Newsmy T9 Tablet PC is an 8-inch tablet PC, most consumers of a product. The reason why consumers like this product because the product has a good configuration, operation is very smooth. The second is because this product work fine avant-garde style, the vision has a strong impact. And, most importantly, the price of this product is very cheap. Interested friends and quickly do it!

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